Supplier Quality REQ


Q1a.   General Requirements:

These requirements shall apply to suppliers and subtier suppliers of purchased products or processing services furnished to Jerames Manufacturing. Supplied products or processes shall conform to the latest revision level of the applicable specification unless otherwise noted on the flow-down documents.

Suppliers shall flow-down to their sub-tier(s) the applicable requirements in their purchasing documents, including, where required, key characteristics. Flow-down information shall be maintained and considered proprietary in nature. The purchase order shall take precedence, should a conflict occur, over requirements stated herein. Questions regarding requirements stated herein or other quality issues may be directed to Jerames Manufacturing Quality Assurance Manager. Jerames Manufacturing shall reserve the right to make changes to the purchase order via a written change order, and/or an updated purchase order. The supplier shall in a timely manner, notify Jerames Manufacturing in writing if, and by how much, the changes will affect price and delivery.

The supplier must immediately notify Jerames Manufacturing Quality Assurance Manager in writing of changes that could affect product quality, including, but not limited to changes in personnel, equipment, and/or procedures. Subcontracting is not allowed without prior notification and a Jerames Manufacturing written approval. Jerames manufacturing, its customers, and/or regulatory authorities, reserves the right of entry, with prior notice, to all facilities and to all applicable records and materials involved in the execution of this order for the purpose of quality evaluation.

Q1.b. Seller shall establish and maintain a Counterfeit Parts/Material Prevention and Control Plan to ensure that Counterfeit Work is not delivered to buyer:

– For purposes of this clause, Work consists of those commodities delivered under this contract that are the lowest level of separately identifiable items (e.g. articles, components, standard hardware, goods, raw materials, and assemblies)

– Seller shall only purchase products to be delivered or incorporated as Work to Buyer directly from the Original Component Manufacturer (OCM)/Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), OCM/OEM authorized distributor chain, Aftermarket Manufacturer, or Authorized Reseller. These products shall have verification that Work is traceable to OCM/OEM. Each shipment shall be accompanied by complete physical and chemical test data that meet the requirements of the applicable specifications and/or engineering drawings, and identifies the material provider and the original lot of batch number. Serial numbers shall be identified is applicable.

– Seller shall notify Supplier Quality and Buyer with the pertinent facts if seller becomes aware or suspects that it has furnished Counterfeit Work. Seller shall provide to Supplier Quality and Buyer, upon request, the supply chain traceability to an Original Manufacturer or authorized distributor chain that identifies the name and location of all the supply chain intermediaries from the part manufacturer to the direct source of the product for the Seller.

– Seller shall include this clause or equivalent provisions in lower tier subcontracts for the delivery of items that will be included in or furnished as Work to Buyer.

Q1.c. All sources of supply or service to Jerames Manufacturing and its counterparts, shall conduct business in a manner which contributes to product and/or service conformity, product and/or service safety, and emphasize the importance of ethical behavior. In the event of any lapse, or detrimental observation which would impact the integrity of Jerames Manufacturing, we reserve the right to perform surveillance to ensure these principals are imposed and safeguarded.

Q2.      Supplier Quality System:

1.1  Suppliers and all members of their supply chain shall maintain a Quality Management System which assures compliance with supplied documentation, including the purchase order, drawings, specifications, and complies with ISO 9001:2015, AS9100, and/or Nadcap, as applicable.

1.2  Suppliers and all members of their supply chain that only provide special processes (not part manufacturing suppliers) must be accredited to Nadcap AC7004 in lieu of AS/ISO 9100/9001:2015.

1.3  Jerames Manufacturing shall validate the supplier Quality System status by confirming the sustained certification approval, quality surveys, and/or on-site surveillance audits.

1.4  Suppliers shell permit Jerames Manufacturing access to all data in OASIS and Nadcap databases including registration documentation, certification, audit reports, findings, corrective actions, etc. Jerames Manufacturing reserves the right to input significant and/or frequent escape data and major auditing findings regarding suppliers into the relevant OASIS database.

1.5  Suppliers are responsible to provide Jerames Manufacturing with notification of any changes in the certification / registration / accreditation or major audit findings within (2) business days of receiving notification of the change or findings.

1.6  Suppliers not certified / registered / accredited may be approved on job-by-job basis subject to a Jerames Manufacturing quality evaluation and on site inspection. Further evaluation may also be required as deemed necessary by Jerames Manufacturing. The scope of approval will be conditional and strictly defined as predicated by supplier capabilities, purchase order, drawings and specifications. Conditionally approved suppliers will also be required to adhere to additional quality clauses as deemed necessary by Jerames Manufacturing and / or our customers.

1.7 Suppliers shall maintain an approved calibration system (where applicable) which ensures valid measurements within the appropriate accuracy and is traceable to the NIST. The calibration system should comply with ISO9001, or AS9100

Q3.      Record Retention:

Electronic imaging of records in lieu of actual inspection records is permissible. All electronic records must be controlled, retained, and retrievable per the same requirements identified for hard copy records. For electronic records that are transferred form computer files, the storage media must be capable of maintaining the data integrity for the full retention period.

Suppliers shall retained quality records of services provided for a minimum of 10 years, or life of contract, whichever is greater. Suppliers shall be able to retrieve any requested record within 48 hours of a written request by Jerames Manufacturing.

Q4.      Supplier Performance:

Jerames Manufacturing shall evaluate and record the supplier(s) ability to meet contractual requirements, including product characteristics, specifications, on-time delivery, completion of documentation, and responsiveness to corrective actions. Jerames Manufacturing reserves the right, at our discretion, to approve and/or disapprove a supplier for lack of performance.

Q5.      Calibration System:

Suppliers shall maintain an approved calibration system (where applicable) which ensures valid measurements within the appropriate accuracy and is traceable to the NIST. The calibration system should comply with ISO9001, or AS9100. Calibration systems shall be subject to inspection and approval by Jerames Manufacturing.

Q6a.   Special Processes Nadcap Approved:

Suppliers and all members of their supply chain that provide special process must be Nadcap accredited, but not limited to, the following special processes:

  • Brazing, Welding, Heat Treating, Plating, Chemical Processing, Coatings, Material Testing, Nonconventional Machining, EDM, Nondestructive Testing, Shot Peening, Elastomeric, Cleaning.

Certifications for special process services must accompany each shipment. Certifications must identify the material delivered, and/or the processes performed. Reports shall include the following:

  1. a) Process performed.
  2. b) Specification/drawing and revision level.
  3. c) Purchase order number.
  4. d) Part number.
  5. e) Compliance to acceptance criteria.
  6. f) Revision and date.

Processed materials must be certified in accordance with the applicable specification. Suppliers shall flow-down sufficient information to ensure sub-tier processors are able to correctly process all parts.

Q6b. Special Processes Non-Nadcap Approved:

Special process suppliers including, but not limited to, the following special processes:

  • Calibration, Brazing, Welding, Heat Treating, Plating, Chemical Processing, Coatings, Material Testing, Nonconventional Machining, EDM, Nondestructive Testing, Shot Peening, Elastomeric, Cleaning.

Certifications for special process services must accompany each shipment. Certifications must identify the material delivered, and/or the processes performed. Reports shall include the following:

  1. a) Process performed.
  2. b) Specification/drawing and revision level.
  3. c) Purchase order number.
  4. d) Part number.
  5. e) Compliance to acceptance criteria.
  6. f) Revision and date.

Processed materials must be certified in accordance with the applicable specification. Suppliers shall flow-down sufficient information to ensure sub-tier processors are able to correctly process all parts.

Q7.      Domestic Materials: DFARS

Specialty metals used in deliverable product must be melted in the United States unless allowed otherwise by DFARS 252.225-7014 Alternate I. The following Defense federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) requirement applies to this agreement, and is binding on Supplier and each of its subcontractors: 252.225-7014 Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals (Alternate I).

Q8.      Certification of Conformance (C of C):

Suppliers shall submit with each shipment a legible, typed or printed, reproducible certified statement (C of C) that items listed thereon comply fully with all purchase order requirements. The C of C shall include as applicable:

  1. A statement that material and/or services provided are in conformance with the purchase order requirements.
  2. Jerames Manufacturing Purchase order number and applicable P.O. line item(s).
  3. Signatures and/or stamps of Supplier’s authorized Quality representative
  4. Certification date.
  5. Supplier’s company name and address.
  6. Part number when assigned by the purchase order.
  7. Quantity
  8. A unique C of C control number and/or pack slip number as applicable.
  9. And the information from “I” to “III” below as applicable.
  10. Functional Test Reports:

The supplier shall submit, with each shipment, a report listing actual test results, identifiable to the respective parts or products.

  1. Material Certification (Non-Metals, Commercial, Proprietary):

Material certifications shall be submitted with each shipment. The certification shall bear description of the material, trade name, manufacture’s name; specification number (type, grade etc.) manufactures part number, batch and heat lot number if applicable.

III.    Chemical and Physical Test Reports (Raw Material):

Chemical and physical test reports shall be submitted for each shipment and include:

  1. a) Batch, heat or lot, number.
  2. b) The material specification and revision.
  3. c) Certification of the composition to within acceptable limits where MIL reports are not available. (Metals require specific values of composition.)

Q9.      Tensile Coupons:

Representative samples of materials used to produce hardware, in final heat-treated condition, shall remain on file and a certification sent with each shipment identifying the heat lot of the sample. Samples shall be in-accordance with ASTM-E-8 unless otherwise specified.

Q10.   Material/Process Samples:

A representative material test sample for heat treat, weld and recast processes shall be maintained and made available upon request.

Q11.   Unique Heat Lot Control:

Only one heat lot of material is to be used in the production of any individual detail or part. Materials shall be segregated by heat lot, packaged separately and not commingled.

Q12.   Brazing/Welding Approvals:

The procedure used and a representative sample of actual joint configuration shall be submitted for approval prior to production

Q13.   Nondestructive Testing (NDT):

Nondestructive testing shall be performed in accordance with Nadcap approved procedures. The supplier’s facility and test personnel shall have approval from Nadcap prior to performing the required tests. A copy of approved procedures shall be kept on file at all times. Suppliers are responsible to ensure revisions to these procedures are approved per the internal quality system requirements. Each shipment of materials must be accompanied by a certified test report for each test performed. The reports shall specify the test performed, the specification, specification revision, test method(s) used, approved test procedure with number and revision, and the acceptance criteria utilized. Operators performing NDT shall be properly qualified and certified.

Their certification shall include:

  1. a) Their name typed or printed.
  2. b) Organizational tile.
  3. c) Signature of the authorized representative.
  4. d) Part number.
  5. e) Heat and purchase order number.
  6. f) Identification of the material.
  7. g) Revision and date.

Q14.   Approved Sources:

When specified on the drawing or purchase order, suppliers must use only sources approved by the specific customer to perform special processes. The use of directed sources does not relieve the supplier of responsibility for the conformity of all products to customer requirements.

Jerames Manufacturing’s customers require all process to be performed by approved sources. Jerames Manufacturing purchase order shall specify the customer for the product being manufactured to identify approved sub-tier sources. The supplier may contact the Jerames Manufacturing buyer for questions regarding approved sources.

Q15.   Subcontracting:

Further subcontracting of tasks required to fulfill the purchase order requirements shell not be undertaken unless directed by the purchase order or unless submitted to and approved by Jerames Manufacturing. Supplier shall flow down to subtier suppliers the applicable requirements in the purchase order, including key characteristics, as applicable.

Q16.   First Piece Inspection:

First piece inspection shall be approved by Jerames Manufacturing on any new production run.

Q17.   First Article Inspection Reports:

First Article Inspection (FAI) shell be performed in accordance with SAE AS9102 and the additional requirements below:

  • A full or partial FAI shell be performed for affected characteristics when any of the following occur:
    • Change in design
    • Change in manufacturing source(s), process(s), inspection method(s), location of manufacture, tooling or material.
    • Change in numerical control program or translation to another media.
    • Natural or man-made event, which mat adversely affect a manufacturing process.
    • Lapse in production for two years or as specified by the customer.
  • A replication of product part marking (via photograph or sample) that represents production marking must be included within the FAI Report.
  • The supplier holding the purchase order is responsible for assuring completion of the FAI Report for all finished characteristics generated by the subtier supplier.
  • At any time, the customer may request a complete FAI to be performed in lieu of a partial (delta) FAI.

Q18.   Right of Entry:

The supplier shell include provisions in the subcontract to allow the Supplier, Customer, and Regulatory agencies Right of Entry to any place necessary to determine and verify the quality of contracted work, records and materials.

Q19.   Source Inspection:

Items under this order are subject to Jerames Manufacturing inspection prior to shipment from your facilities. Suppliers will notify Jerames Manufacturing 48 hours in advance of the time items of this PO will be ready for source inspection.

Q20.   Inspection Sampling:

Jerames Manufacturing may elect to sample inspect the product covered by this order. Jerames Manufacturing will reject any lot on the first nonconformity detected (C=0). If sampling inspection is used as a means for acceptance, the plan shall be statistically valid, and appropriate for use. The plan shall preclude the acceptance of known defects in the lot. The supplier shall submit their sampling plan for approval when required. When statistical process control is used for either in-process and/or final inspection it must satisfy AS9101.

Q21.   Government Source Inspection:

Items covered by this purchase order are required to have inspection at the supplier’s, or subtier supplier’s facility, by a Government Representative. The supplier shall furnish at no cost, a copy of the purchase order, and the necessary facilities, equipment, and assistance to accomplish any required inspection. Evidence of Government Source Inspection shall accompany each shipment as applicable. Government source inspectors and customers have the right of entry with given prior notification.

Q22.   Key Characteristics:

When applicable, Key Characteristics are specified on the purchase order or the drawing. Data on Key Characteristics shall be collected by the supplier and supplied to Jerames Manufacturing with each shipment. When using a sub-tier supplier this clause shall be flowed down on the suppliers purchase order.

Q23.   Foreign Object Damage (FOD):

Suppliers shall ensure that foreign objects are eliminated from parts prior to shipment. Suppliers shall maintain a FOD free environment during machining, manufacturing, assembly, inspection, storage, packaging and shipment. FOD prevention programs shall comply with prime user requirements as applicable.

Q24.   Personnel and Training:

Supplier shall ensure that the personnel involved in the manufacture and inspection of the materials or components are qualified to perform their tasks. Training records shall be retained and made available upon request. Unless otherwise specified personnel performing acceptance activities that require visual acuity must have a eye exams every 12 months for near vision to Snellen 14/18 or better and Jaeger Type 1 20/25, and color vision using the required pseudo-chromatic plates or similar.

Q25.   Nonconforming Material / MRB Authority:

Jerames manufacturing grants no authority to disposition product or process nonconformance’s to the supplier or its subtier suppliers. Repair is not allowed under this clause. The controls and related responsibilities for dealing with nonconforming product shall be defined in a documented procedure. The supplier’s documented procedure shall also define the responsibilities to review and authority for disposition of nonconforming product and the process for approving personnel making these decisions. When a nonconformance is discovered, a review process shall be initiated with the identification and documentation of the nonconformance. This review shall be the initial step performed by the supplier to determine if the nonconformance must be reported to Jerames manufacturing, and determine if the nonconformance is minor and can be re-worked to a condition that completely conforms to the drawing or specification requirements. This review does not negate the requirement to identify, segregate, document and report and disposition nonconformances. Nonconformances shall be reported to Jerames Manufacturing as soon as it is detected and determined not to be re-workable. When notification is required, notification shall be within 3 working days after the nonconformance is discovered. No action shall be taken on nonconforming product without express written disposition from Jerames Manufacturing.

Q26.   Statistical Process Control (SPC):

When SPC is required, a Jerames Manufacturing approved SPC program shell be used. Control charts on key dimensional characteristics are required with each shipment.

Q27.   Traceability of Furnished Materials:

Only the material furnished shall be used to satisfy the order. Material substitution is not allowed. Assigned heat, lot, batch and/or serial numbers shall be maintained and referenced on all documentation as applicable. Drop shipped materials shall be verified by certification prior to use.

Q28.   Shipments:

Complete packing list shall be enclosed with all shipments. Suppliers shall mark containers or packages with applicable lifting, loading, shipping information, purchase order number, item number, dates of shipments, the names and address of the consignor and consignee. Bill of Lading shall include the purchase order number.

Supplier shall handle and package product to preclude damage during processing. Supplier shall provide sufficient shipping to meet contracted delivery requirements. Supplier shall package all material in a manner that will ensure protection against corrosion, oxidation, deterioration and physical damage during shipping. If material is received in a damaged condition it shall be handled as nonconforming material.

Q29.   Terms and conditions/Flow-down

The terms and conditions of any and/or all quality clause requirements may change without notice. It is the responsibility of the Supplier and all subtier suppliers to know and understand all applicable quality requirements. It is also the responsibility of the supplier and all subtier suppliers to obtain the latest version of these quality requirements at www.jerames/ The supplier shall flow-down all applicable requirements to subcontractors and suppliers at every tier.



ACCOUNTABLE TOOL(s): Shall mean any and all Supplier accountable tools, machines, implements or instruments modified, produced or acquired in connection with any Jerames Manufacturing or its customer contract with Supplier, or furnished by Jerames Manufacturing or its customer to Supplier and paid by Jerames Manufacturing or its customer, including, but not limited to, any Accessories, Blocks, Dies, Documents, Fixtures, Cutters, Rolls, Gages, Systems, Jigs, Mandrels, Masters, Patterns, Templates, and Miscellaneous tools, all parts of these items, and replacement of these items, required for the design, development, manufacture, testing, support and supply of products to Jerames Manufacturing or it’s customer, except as follows:

  1. Expendable Tools – Tools such as drills, reamers, taps, snap-gages, and all types of cutting tools which are readily available on the open market and which because of their size and nature are considered consumable, unless they are designated by Jerames Manufacturing or its customer to be Accountable Tools because they are altered for production purposes
  2. Plant Equipment – Equipment of a capital nature such as machines, motors, cranes, hoists, adapters, and furniture

III.    Excluded Items – Any items necessary to enable Supplier to perform its contractual obligations to Jerames Manufacturing or its customer which have been specifically identified in writing by Supplier and not paid for as a direct charge by Jerames Manufacturing or its customer.

TOOL(s) – All references to Tool(s) are synonymous with Accountable Tool(s).

FIT – As used in the phrase “Fit/Form/Function”

The ability of an item to physically interconnect with, or become an integral part of, another item utilizing the same attachment or mounting and mating surface. Attachments, connectors, wiring, and tubing shall not require any rework to install on or to the item. Final fit (e.g., adjustment, rigging, or the use of shims) is allowed only when permitted by the installation instructions.

FORM – As used in the phrase “Fit/Form/Function”

The shape, size, dimensions, mass, weight, and other physical parameters that uniquely characterize an item. Other physical parameters shall include the ability of the item to function continuously in all respects within the original design envelope. The design envelope includes all movement in a tool due to vibration and/or shock together with any normal operating movement throughout the design temperature range.

FUNCTION – As used in the phrase “Fit/Form/Function”

The actions and properties that an item is designed to perform and possess. These actions and properties include, but are not limited to, performance, operation, safety, strength, reliability, compatibility, and maintainability.


A supplier (or manufacturer) that provides parts or assemblies directly to Jerames Manufacturing.


A supplier (or manufacturer) that provides parts or assemblies to a Seller, rather than directly to Jerames Manufacturing.


1.1. The Supplier is financially responsible for the use, care and maintenance of Jerames Manufacturing or its customer owned or Jerames manufacturing or its customer supplier tooling, while in it possession.

1.2. If upon delivery, in-transit damage is apparent, the Supplier shall take exception by documenting the damage on the Bill of Lading and promptly notify Jerames Manufacturing. If latent damage is later discovered, the Supplier shall promptly notify the carrier and Jerames Manufacturing, so that proper corrective action and documentation may be initiated. The discrepant or damaged tools shall not be used, modified or returned to Jerames Manufacturing without prior express written approval from Jerames Manufacturing.

1.3. If a Tool is received by the Supplier in a discrepant or unsatisfactory condition and the carrier is not responsible for the discrepancy or damage, the Supplier shall:

1.3.1. Notify Jerames Manufacturing in writing within two business days after receiving the discrepant tooling, describing in detail any discrepancies or damage.

Note: Failure to notify Jerames Manufacturing within two business days after receipt of Tooling may subject Supplier to financial liability for the discrepancies or damage.

1.3.2. Hold the discrepant or damaged Tool without use or modification until written instructions are received from Jerames Manufacturing.

1.4. The Supplier shall not make any modifications to Jerames Manufacturing or its customer furnished Tools without express written authorization from Jerames Manufacturing. The Supplier shall be held responsible financially for any unauthorized modification to such Tools.

1.5. All Supplier designed and/or fabricated Tools must be capable of producing the total number of assemblies or components at the rates and quantities stipulated by the applicable Request for Quote or Purchase Order, as well as potential spare requirements.

1.6. The Supplier shall be financially responsible for refurbishment of Tools for the next production run as specified by the Purchase Order.

1.7. Jerames Manufacturing or its customer approval of Tools shall not relieve Supplier of responsibility to meet the specifications and other requirements as specified by the Purchase order, nor shall the Supplier be otherwise relieved of its liability in either law or equity.

1.8. When Jerames Manufacturing or it customer accountable tools are returned to Jerames Manufacturing, the supplier shall be held responsible for the condition of the accountable tools. Accountable tools shall be retuned in good condition less normal wear and tear. All accountable tooling shall be properly tagged with Jerames manufacturing or its customer furnished tags or otherwise legibly identified with complete and accurate traceability information.


This document shall apply to all sub-tier suppliers. Suppliers may, at their option and expense, ship tools to sub–tier suppliers; however, the suppliers will retain accountability and responsibility for the Tool(s).


All supplier-made Tools must be validated by the supplier’s Quality Assurance for determination that they are in accordance with engineering or the manufacturing plan and are suitable for their intended use. Further validation may be directed or performed by Jerames Manufacturing or its customer. No tool will be considered complete or acceptable that is not properly identified, documented and accepted by the supplier’s Quality Assurance.

3.1. All tools affecting final assembly must be visually reviewed for movement or damage immediately following an earthquake of 5.0 or greater on the Richter scale and within a 50 mile radius, or immediately following a similar disturbance.

Note: If movement or damage is detected, Jerames Manufacturing shall be notified and an unscheduled periodic inspection must be performed.

3.2. Tool periodic inspection requirements apply to tools designated and used as the final acceptance media and include but are not limited to:

3.2.1. Assembly/Detail tools that control interchangeability, replaceability and customer interface locations. Tools requiring periodic inspection are identified via Jerames Manufacturing or it customer Quality Program.

3.2.2. Tools that are used for one year or more to produce out-of-production spares.

3.2.3 Fixed location Critical Tools that are moved must be revalidated to ensure functionality and dimensionality is maintained.

3.3 Tools identified with Periodic Inspection requirement the supplier shall:

3.3.3 Submit supplier tool designs for review and approval by Jerames Manufacturing or it customer.

3.3.4 Create the tool periodic inspection plans for review and approval by Jerames Manufacturing or its customer

3.3.5 Periodic Non-conformances which affect Fit, Form, or Function and that can not be reworked to tool design requirements will need Jerames Manufacturing approval for disposition.

3.3. Tool Periodic Frequency: as a general rule, tool periodic inspection’s are performed at least once every 2 years with an alternate tool periodic inspection performed one year after the major tool periodic inspection, or as required by contract.

3.4. Supplier tools must have a tool recall system which tracks all tools requiring periodic inspection and will notify the user when a periodic inspection is due.


4.1. The Supplier is required to establish and maintain control records of each Tool which shall include:

4.1.1. Ownership and contract under which the Tool was manufactured or supplied

4.1.2. Disposition authority for each Tool no longer in possession of Supplier

4.1.3. Purchase Order number on which the Tool was fabricated or packing sheet number and source from which the Tool was received

4.1.4. Equipment Number (Tool Serial Number)

4.1.5. Tool Storage Location, including sub-tier company name, facility, and address (if applicable)

4.1.6. Rework records (if applicable) for all tool rework activity

4.1.7. Maintain complete list of all Accountable Tools

4.2. Jerames Manufacturing and/or its’ designee may, at Jerames Manufacturing’s discretion, periodically conduct a physical inventory of Tools and control records at the Supplier’s facilities.

4.3. The Supplier shall, upon request, review and update any Jerames Manufacturing or its customer’s tool(s) reports and promptly sign and return a copy of the report to Jerames Manufacturing.

4.4. Supplier Tool control records shall be maintained and made available for audit until relief from accountability is received in writing from Jerames Manufacturing.

4.5. Upon completion of Tool manufacture or rework action, the Supplier shall furnish Jerames Manufacturing upon request the appropriate documentation indicating completion of the Tool(s):

4.5.1. FAI records

4.5.2. Photos showing tool with proper identification

4.5.3. If applicable, photos of rework areas

4.5.4. Design documents as applicable

4.5.5. Tooling Inspection Report(s) coordinated to Tools Designs or Part Engineering


5.1. The Supplier shall establish and maintain a system, subject to Jerames Manufacturing or its customer approval, to control, protect, preserve and maintain all Tool(s).

5.2. Tools shall be protected from the elements to the extent necessary to maintain tool life, durability and usefulness.


6.1. Jerames Manufacturing or its customer’s furnished Tool(s) may not be reworked, altered, or used for any purpose other than its original intent without prior written approval from Jerames Manufacturing.

6.2. Tool(s) which are superseded due to obsolescence must be stored for Spares requirements unless they can be altered into the superseding configuration and agreement to this disposition is obtained by Jerames Manufacturing. Configuration changes to Tool(s) must be agreed to in writing by Jerames Manufacturing and must reflect the original Tool(s) serial number, but with a new revision change applied.

6.3. Fabrication of Tool(s) shall not commence (including any related material procurement) prior to issuance of a formal Purchase Order (or other written authorization) by Jerames Manufacturing.

6.4. Non-designed tools will be manufactured to one-third of the engineering tolerance unless otherwise specified by the Purchase Agreement. Tool design and designed tools shall be manufactured to one-third of the engineering tolerance unless otherwise specified by the Purchase Agreement.

6.5. A Supplier is not allowed, under any circumstances, to scrap or render useless Tool(s) unless prior written authorization is received from Jerames Manufacturing. In the event Supplier receives direction from Jerames Manufacturing’s customer to scrap or render useless Tool(s), Supplier shall immediately notify Jerames Manufacturing in writing. In the event that Supplier scraps or renders useless Tool(s) without prior written notice to Jerames Manufacturing, then the Supplier may be responsible to Jerames Manufacturing for the FULL ACQUISITION COST OR REPLACEMENT COST of such scrapped or useless Tool(s).


7.1. When the identification tag is not supplied by Jerames Manufacturing or its customer, the Supplier shall maintain legible identification on all Tool(s). All Tools must contain complete and accurate identification to maintain traceability throughout their life in a Tool Accountability System, which shall include:

7.1.1. Tool Number

7.1.2. Tool Code

7.1.3. Tool Design Revision Letter (if applicable)

7.1.4. Engineering Revision Letter

7.1.5. Tool Serial Number

7.2. When the identification tag is supplied by Jerames Manufacturing or its customer, the Supplier shall attach the furnished identification tags to all Tool(s) immediately upon receipt or completion of the Tool(s).

7.3. Where the tags interfere with the intended use of a Jerames Manufacturing or its customer owned Tool(s), an alternate method of identification may be used. Identification in such cases with an electric pencil, stencil, or steel stamp is an acceptable alternative (use 3/16″ as minimum nominal size for steel stamp). Alternate methods of identification will include all applicable information from the Jerames Manufacturing or its customer furnished tags.

Note: Jerames Manufacturing or its customer (e.g. Boeing, United Technologies, Lockheed, etc.) identification tags must be permanently attached or wired to the Tool(s).

7.4. When rework of a Tool is required due to Engineering Change, identify Jerames Manufacturing ot its customers furnished rework data and/or tag to the Tool adjacent to the original identification tag. Do not remove the original identification tag.

7.6. Tool Usage Information Marking Tools shall be sufficiently identified so as to enable anyone performing a tool or part check to properly use the tool. Such features shall include:

  • Reference lines
  • Fabrication lines
  • Mold lines
  • End of part lines
  • Center line of bend
  • Joggles
  • Witness lines (plastic templates)
  • Chemical milling templates
  • Depth of etchant
  • Demasking sequence
  • Part face direction notation
  • Shrink scale notation
  • Part excess information
  • Excess trim
  • Tooling tabs
  • Critical areas

_ Critical cross section

_ Critical flange angle

_ Critical contour

  • Tool relief
  • Developed Information
  • Mastered points
  • Weight notations


8.1. Tools furnished for temporary outside production are to be returned with each lot of parts unless otherwise directed by Jerames Manufacturing.

8.2. Shipping packing slips shall include:

8.2.1. Tool part number,

8.2.2. Tool code,

8.2.3. Tool serial number,

8.2.4. Buyers’ name.

8.3. If you are directed to ship Tool(s) to a location other than Jerames Manufacturing, a Vendor Receiving Memo must be completed per its instructions and sent to the new supplier with the tool, to remove the tool from your accountability. Failure to do so may leave you liable for the full replacement cost or acquisition cost, whichever is greater, of the tool.

Note: The Vendor Receiving Memo should be provided by Jerames Manufacturing or its customer when applicable.

8.4. The routing and carrier of tools will be as stated on the Purchase Order or as instructed by Jerames Manufacturing.

Long-Standing Customer Relationships